From the desk of Administrator

"Chetana Education Society" is a group of people who have a vision of converting the industrially backward district of Vijayapur into an Industrial hub. In pursuit of their dreams, they have joined hands and started an educational institute which not only provides human talent to the corporate sector but also grooms the students to be entrepreneurs. I appeal to one and all to join and strengthen their hands in their endeavor.

The administrative staff understands that, their supporting role to the academic and co-curricular activities is critical as they are the framework for the whole program. They have been selected for their record of commitment, enthusiasm and their understanding that they play a crucial role in their interaction with students, parents and staff.

Prof. S. S. Kanamadi


From the desk of PRINCIPAL

We have started on a mission eight years back, when Chetana Education society was established. It was to create a teaching learning process that not only copes up with the ever increasing challenges of competitive world, but also develops and trains the students to adapt seamlessly to the rural and rustic environment of our country as the potential business lies in the untapped rural areas. We have a great sense of satisfaction in what has been accomplished till now, when we see students from rural areas joining our institute with the same vigor as that of urban students. Nevertheless, the journey to progressive realization of a worthy goal has just begun. We prepare you for the challenges of the new world. The exposure through academics, industry interactions, extracurricular and co-curricular activities, assignments, online classes and tests will have immense learning value and will give you a winning edge over others. At Chetana, the opportunity for learning is limitless. We welcome you to be a part of the vision of Chetana.

Dr. D. G. Jugati

Founder & Principal


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