Why Study BCA

The BCA Course which is affiliated to Rani Chennamma University, Belagavi, aims at helping the students to develop core competencies in computer application and thereby creating best professional for IT industry. It also prepares students to pursue higher education such as MCA, MIT, MS in computers MBA and thus acquire competency. The BCA course structure is of 3 years and spread across six semesters each semester comprises five theoretical papers and two practical papers.

The course objective is to provide strong knowledge to students on diverse areas of computers fundamental programming basics, networking, data bases & application Etc. To facilitate the above: a well equipped computer laboratory and board-band connectivity with latest software is made available to the students.



1st SEM

  • Financial Accounting
  • Mathematics-1
  • Additional English
  • Computer fundamentals
  • Programming in C
  • Indian constitution
  • Programming Lab, Basic computer lab
  • Programming lab-C Programming

2nd SEM

  • Financial management
  • Mathmatics-2
  • Additional English
  • Data structure using C
  • Digital logic and computer design
  • Human rights and environmental studies
  • Programming lab- Data structure using C
  • Programming lab-Digital Logic lab


3rd SEM

  • Object oriented programming using java
  • Discrete Mathematical structure (SWAP)
  • (PDSL) Personality Development
  • Data communication and networking
  • Operating Principle System
  • Additional English
  • Programming using java lab
  • OS-Lab 2

4th SEM

  • Advanced computer Network & security
  • J2EE
  • Statistics
  • Design and analysis algorithms
  • Additional English
  • DBMS Lab
  • CN/J2EE Lab


5th SEM

  • System analysis and design
  • E-commerce
  • Effective communication skills
  • Web design and program
  • NET frame work Using C#
  • Web Design and prog. LAB 1
  • NET frame work using C# lab 2

6th SEM

  • Android application development
  • Software Engineering
  • Cloud computer
  • Android appl Devp. LAB
  • Project viva

Other Courses

Eligibility Criteria

Any students who has secured a minimum of 35% in PUC (science and commerce only ) diploma or any other equivalent examination is eligible for admission.

BBA BATCH 2016-2019